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Catch It On Camera is a divison of Love Information Technologies Corporation. All operations are directed and overseen by the president of the company, Dean Love. Dean has a lifetime of experience in electronics, starting in the 1980s at 15 years old in the burgeoning satellite television industry in Canada. While not formally trained, his experience has proven that his capabilites rival that of the best university trained engineers, particularly in the area of reverse engineering complex electronic devices. His passion and expertise in all things electronic carries through to every single installation of security cameras.

Catch it on camera

Security cameras  surveillance systems are the core of what Catch It On Camera does, and they can be found online at Founded in 2009, Catch It On Camera began operations selling analog CCTV security cameras and systems in Winnipeg and across Manitoba, due to their low cost and high reliability compared to pure digital systems that were available at that time. Customers include restaurants, bars, retail stores, hotels, offices and many other business types, as well as residential.

Beginning in 2015, Catch It On Camera began transitioning to selling pure digital cameras and systems. These cameras finally became affordable and reliable enough to meet their stringent quality and pricing standards. They now sell digital systems almost exclusively, but of course still stock and sell legacy analog security cameras in order to support clients who still run the older style systems.

Part of the key to the huge success of the company has been dealing directly with the factories and manufacturers who produce the products they sell, whenever possible. Before offering any security cameras or related hardware for sale they undergo extensive in-house testing for reliability and quality. Unlike many companies who simply resell products and offer little or no direct support, Catch It On Camera is intimately familiar with all of their products and provides all support and repairs in-house. All warranty support is done by directly, and they will never tell you to call a manufacturer or to send your equipment off for repair.

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